HD Metal Prints

HD Metal Prints

Durable photo prints that will last a lifetime!
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Surface Options

Gloss White
Gloss White

White Gloss (Standard)

Vibrant white high gloss surface gives you brilliant colors and detail.
Most Popular

White Satin
White Satin

White Satin

This gives you a similar vibrance as white gloss with a reduced glare.
Between glossy and matte

Matte White
Matte White

White Matte

Similar to White Gloss but with reduced glare and satin appearance.
Modern Classy

Gloss Silver
Gloss Silver

Silver Gloss

Silver shows through the whites of your image. Will display less vibrance than white.
Artistic Luminescence


Textured Matte NEW

Introducing a new textured matte surface from ChromaLuxe®!
Traditional Fine Art

Wall Mount Options

Silver Aluminum
Black Aluminum
Natural Wood
Black Wood
Float Mount

Why Artbeat Studios HD Metal Prints?


Quality Metal

We only use ChromaLuxe® brand aluminum sheets for the highest quality possible. Recent test reports shows ChromaLuxe® brand has more than 3x better permanence than Kodak Silver Halide Prints, resisting fading for 65+ years!

Vibrant Colors

We heat infuse your photos directly into the metal creating unsurpassed resolution and color vibrancy. We only use Epson Surecolor printers with Epson inks to guarantee the highest quality on the market.

Custom Sizes

No need to crop your image to fit a standard size. Because we cut our aluminum in-house, we can cut any custom size you would like from 8x8" up to 40x60" at no extra cost.

Quality Guaranteed

We are so confident you will love your HD Metal Prints that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't love your HD Metal prints, simply return them back for a full refund in store credit.

What our customers are saying...

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Jensyn Dzierzanowski
I have been ordering Metal prints from Artbeat studios for a few years and recently had a larger order from them. All of the images were so great! Loved all of them! There was one imperfection on a wall mount and I contacted them and they responded quickly and replaced my print at no charge to me! Customer service here has always been top notch! Love all of my prints and will definitely use them in the future!
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Brandon Hollien
By far LOVE the quality of this product. I was able to give this metal picture to a good friend of ours. It’s a picture i took of the North Shore, Hawaii. HIGHLY recommend this company and the products they stand behind. -Brandon Hollien Photography
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Carolann Van Wyen
We had a large 30 x 45 metal print of our family done by Artbeat. The piece is absolutely perfect, great clarity and color. We are very pleased with the final product. It came shipped in a wooden shipping container completely protecting it. Top notch company! And did I mention it arrived quickly about 10 days after my order. I highly recommend Artbeat for your next printing project.
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Q: Are all Metal Prints alike, and why do you call yours HD Metal Prints?
A: All metal prints are definitely NOT alike. Firstly, there are a couple of ways to make metal prints. Either an inferior quality "direct print" onto an aluminum sheet, or a much higher quality "dye sublimation" process. We use the dye-sublimation process. Secondly, the brand of aluminum is VERY important. We use the original and the best aluminum coated sheets by Chromaluxe™ This is the key to us providing the highest quality metal prints. Others we tested did not have the HD clarity of Chromaluxe metal prints. Chromaluxe metal prints have been shown to resist fading for 65+ years, for Wilhelm Imaging Test Results. The other brands made in China will fade after a couple of years and they don't have the durability of Chromaluxe Metal Prints. Beware of buying cheap metal prints, they are cheap for a reason!! Read more from our blog on What is a Metal Print
Q: Do you offer custom size Metal Prints?
A: Yes, since we cut our HD Metal in-house at the time of the order we can cut any size you would like. If you are looking for Custom Metal Prints you're at the right place!
Q: How long will it take for my HD Metal Print to arrive?
A: Please reference our Production Times page.
Q: What is the difference between Glossy and Matte and which should I choose?
A: Glossy is the most popular because the shiny surface enhances the image making it look more sharp and vivid, but if you will be displaying your image in direct light where the glare of the gloss is not preferred then we recommend you go with a matte finish.
Q: Will my HD Metal Print fade in the light?
A: Because the image is heat infused into the aluminum metal the inks are bonded with the metal creating a very long lasting print. Xenon Light Stability Testing has shown that HD Metal Prints last 2-4 times longer than traditional photo based silver papers.
Q: Does your company offer drop shipping?
A: Drop shipping is available on all orders. We can ship your product to your customer with no invoice or with custom invoicing upon request.

How It's Made HD Metal Prints

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How it's made image 2
How it's made image 3
How it's made image 4
How it's made image 5
How it's made image 6
How it's made image 7
How it's made image 8
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How It's Made Video

Our HD Metal Prints are made with recycled aluminum and is 100% recyclable.

Rather than printing your image directly onto aluminum which results in a lower resolution print that scratches easily, we use the Dye Sublimation Process! During the dye sublimation process your image is first printed onto a transfer paper with "dye" inks then "sublimated" into the aluminum sheet with heat and pressure. At this point the inks are bonded with the aluminum for permanent protection and longevity! Because the inks are infused beneath the coating of the metal these prints are also scratch resistant and hold up perfectly in moist environments. Unlike other print mediums, you can wipe away fingerprints easily with a soft microfiber cloth and glass cleaner, which will leave your HD Metal Prints looking like new for a lifetime!

The Process

There are 3 important factors necessary when creating the best metal prints. You need the best equipment, best materials and best color management to achieve a true HD Metal Print. At Artbeat Studios we only use the latest and greatest Epson Printers and upgrade regularly as new technology becomes available. We use genuine Epson archival inks and Epson transfer paper which creates the highest resolution image possible. We also only use Chromaluxe brand aluminum sheets for the best vibrance, clarity and longevity on the market. Lastly, the most challenging and important of all these factors is color management. If we use all the best materials on the market but don’t manage color, it’s like painting a Lamborghini with a can of spray paint! For the widest color gamut possible we work in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space. This enables us to produce the most vibrant print possible while maintaining the most accurate color across all types of monitors. We also constantly color calibrate our printers and monitors to make sure we continue to provide the best HD Metal Prints possible.

Chromaluxe aluminum has been revolutionary for the healthcare industry due to the surface of the material being so easy to clean & maintain, as well as it’s inherent resistance to bacteria and other pathogens. Additional benefits include lightweight, water resistant, flame resistant and fade resistant. Recent test report show ChromaLuxe brand has more than 3x better permanence than Kodak Silver Halide Prints, resisting fading for 65+ years! ChromaLuxe HD Metal Prints by Artbeat Studios are the perfect choice for your home or commercial application when high quality and longevity are of the essence!


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