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How to resize your photo

This how-to video will show you an example of photo resizing in Photoshop. We will also cover cropping, upscaling, PPI resolution and what color profile to use when saving your image.

If you need our assistance in resizing your photo, please contact us.

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150ppi vs 300ppi

In this video, we printed two photos at 150ppi and 300ppi then compared them on a metallic photo paper to see if the differences are noticeable.

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How to place an order

Our ordering tool is simplified to 4 easy steps:

  • Pick the medium you want to use for your image.
  • Upload or select your previously uploaded image.
  • Select a size and crop your image if necessary.
  • Add additional options for your selected medium, such as mount, image enhancement, etc.

You can use the left navigation panel to navigate between the steps to make changes to your selections. Once you are satisfied with your selection, then hit the "Add to Cart".

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