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EZ-Stick Metal Prints

Easily arrange and swap your metal prints!* 8"x8" to 12"x18" Metal Prints. Sale ends March 31st.
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Creating collage gallery walls just got easy!

Stunning, easily repositionable prints that eliminate the need for hanging hardware!

Introducing our EZ-Stick Metal Prints: Elevate your interiors with our sophisticated, easily repositionable HD Metal Print displays. Each print features a distinctive, double-sided, re-adherable adhesive, allowing you to seamlessly affix and adjust your HD Metal Prints on any clean, smooth, or textured wall surface—damage-free. Enjoy the freedom to effortlessly create vibrant, ever-changing art displays. Available in all the surface options of our HD Metal Prints.

How it works

Each photo tile in your collection comes with a pair of securely attached, repositionable mounting tapes. Installation is a breeze: just peel off the protective liner and press the tile firmly onto your desired spot on the wall, making sure to apply pressure over the tape area from the front for maximum adhesion. Didn't get it right on the first attempt? No problem! Our specially formulated mounting tape supports easy repositioning, allowing you to adjust and refine your display up to 5 times. However, please be aware that this mounting tape is not suitable for walls covered with laminated wallpaper or for outdoor use.

Creative Arrangements

Revitalize your space into a vibrant gallery with our wide selection of customizable configurations. From timeless collages to elegant gallery walls, our EZ-Stick Metal Prints provide an ideal canvas for your creative expression. Combine your beloved memories or favorite artworks to craft a distinctive display that narrates your unique tale. Thanks to the effortless rearrangement capability, you can refresh your setup to reflect your changing tastes or celebrate new milestones. The possibilities are endless—these popular arrangements are just the beginning. Unleash your imagination; the only limit is your creativity!

Landscape Tryptich

(3) 12x18" Metal Prints, 56x12" overall (each print 1" apart)

Portrait Tryptich

(3) 12x18" Metal Prints, 38x18" overall (each print 1" apart)

Hex Flower

(7) 10" Hexagon Metal Prints, 26x26" overall (each print 1" apart)

Small Grid

(9) 8x8" Metal Prints, 26x26" overall (each print 1" apart)

Four Square

(4) 12x12" Metal Prints, 25x25" overall (each print 1" apart)

Large Grid

(9) 12x12" Metal Prints, 38x38" overall (each print 1" apart)

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