Artbeat & Shopify Integration*

*Our app is built using the Shopify API. It is not officially endorsed by Shopify.

Getting Your Shopify Store Integrated with Artbeat is Super Easy!

STEP 1: Grant access to your store

STEP 2: Configure your settings

STEP 3: Map your images and products

NOTE: When you sign up for the Artbeat App, we will create the Artbeat account that you will use to login to the app for you. We will use the store's listed e-mail address for this purpose. If an account is created for you in this manner, you will recieve a temporary password that you will be required to be reset upon your first login.

App Interface


The Dashboard serves as your hub for easy access to frequently used pages within our Shopify app. From here, effortlessly navigate to various sections and features. Stay updated with notifications and promotions conveniently displayed for quick viewing


The Product Tab enables you to seamlessly map your Shopify products with our offerings. Within this section, you'll discover two mapping methods tailored to your convenience. The Rule-Based Mapping option streamlines the process by allowing you to establish automatic rules for product mapping. Alternatively, map by Product Variant enables specific mapping on a variant level, to accurately fulfill your orders.


The Album Page is your space for uploading high-res images optimized for printing. When mapping to our products, you'll use the album to house your files as your private repository. This feature allows you to easily manage your stored images online.


The Orders Page provides a comprehensive view of your incoming orders and their statuses. Access detailed order information, track order progress, and efficiently manage your workflow. Stay informed and in control, effortlessly checking the status of each order within our intuitive interface. Users will be able to preview their order quote and verify product mappings for each line item on each order.


This is where you can input your payment credentials and upload your store logo, which will later be utilized for upcoming features, such as custom inserts accompanying your printed orders.

Artflow Integration - Shopify FAQs & Info

Shopify Products → ArtBeat Products

The Artbeat Fulfillment App reads each of your Shopify products' variant titles and options.

This exact text is what you'll input into the Rule Based Mappings to connect the appropriate Artbeat services.

Please see below for a visual example of how this mapping works.